Sonja Grossner
Sonja Grossner
Clarinet, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
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STREET LIFE. For octet; Oboe, Clarinet in B flat, Bass Clarinet in B flat, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Two Violins, One Cello.
Notes; " Street Life" begins with an empty stage. A pre-recorded tape is heard with street noises. The instrumentalists walk on to the stage independently one after the other, after previous player has played their motive. Order of appearance is: (1) Oboe, (2) Alto Sax, (3) Clarinet, (4) Bass Clarinet, (5) Baritone Sax. The conductor takes his place shortly before the String section. The aleatoric sections can be repeated ad lib. if necessary to allow next player to appear. The five wood wind players should place themselves at different positions on the stage. These five players can either stand throughout the piece, or after conductor entrance, by (G) be seated. The three string players take their seat either during section (A) at the back of the stage, or shortly before conductor entrance. The middle section from G to I is played in the traditional way. The first part of this section should give the impression of a hymn or choral. It might help to set the character of the piece if the five wood wind players before (G) would play not facing each other. The idea is to give the impression of street musicians busking. The middle section only presents unity and togetherness. The piece ends as started. Each player departs independently, leaving an empty stage with again the pre-recorded tape of street noises.
Seating placing suggestions; Strings take their seat during section (A), or during section (F) at back of stage. The five wood wind players walk on to stage from audience and eventually stand throughout the piece. During aleatoric section instrumentalists walk through audience (ev. playing) and take their place on the stage. The conductor is the last one up, and also the first one to go. Departure also walking off stage through audience,
Cello, Violin 2, Violin 1,
Baritone Sax. Bass Clarinet. Alt Sax. Clarinet. Oboe. Conductor

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